Southtowns Walleye Association Annual Tournament

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2018 Tournament News

Myself, Rob Kroh as the new Tournament Chairman and my Co-Chairman Jim Skoczylas would like to thank the tournament committee for getting the 34th Annual Southtowns Walleye Tournament off to a great start.

Our monthly meetings have brought about many outstanding ideas and some exciting enhancements to our already great event. The first addition is the new 9 day - $100, 100% payout Calcutta sponsored by Curly’s Grille and Banquet Center, they are huge supporter of our club and continue to be a valuable contributor to our event.

Jim and I would again like to thank all of those members who have joined our committee and invite everyone to participate and stop in to express their ideas at the next tournament meeting on November 7th at 7pm, please stop in, the doors are always open to our membership.

Tournament Chairs:
Rob Kroh - Tournament Chair
Jim Skoczylas - Co-Chairman

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