Canadian Government Approves $1 Billion Lake Erie Connector Project

Canadian Government Approves $1 Billion Lake Erie Connector Project

Article Credit to: Erie News NOW

Plans to install a high-voltage cable under Lake Erie are gaining momentumThe Canadian government has officially approved the project and issued a certificate for the Lake Erie Connector.

The $1 billion project will move electricity generated in Canada to Erie County through Lake Erie.

Both the U.S. and Canada have now approved the project.

The company ITC Holding Corp. out of Michigan plans to run a 73 mile long transmission cable under Lake Erie. 

It would connect to two converter stations, including one in Nanticoke, Ontario and another in Erie at Penelec's Erie West Substation.

ITC Grid Development President Terry Harvill says this a historical project that will boost the trade in electricity between Canada and the United States.

Once functional, Harvill says customers in both markets will have access to less expensive electricity.

"The fact that you have two energy markets that are less than 100 miles apart, but aren't yet electrically interconnected, really provides some perspective on this project and what ultimately it can do and the benefits it can provide to customers." said Harvill.

The project must now be approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

ITC is expected to fund the entire $1 billion project.

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